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Monday, March 27, 2006



Your designs are lovely. I liked them so much I put a blurb about it on my blog! :)


I found your designs and loved them-- my order arrived yesterday and my son is wearing his "play hard, play fair" shirt (he picked it out) today! Thanks so much!


LOVE your designs!! I want all of them!


So awesome, Amy!!


Love, love your designs! Had a chance to peek yesterday. Good luck with your new adventure Ü


LOVE your new fun & colorful...good luck with it...I am sure you will be up to your ears with orders!!


Amy, your stuff is just gorgeous!!!! Very positive, which is exactly what we all need. Great job! I have my eye on one of those tote bags!


SO cute Amy! Good luck with this venture - looks like loads of fun.

Kelli Crowe

just found the link to your cafe press stuffs via Jen McGuire's blog.
I adore it!
I am just having trouble narrowing down which shirts for which kids:)


I'm definitely going to need the "More Spice than Sugar" t-shirt:). Great stuff.


Amy, these are so sweet and just the right dose of good messages.

Jessica K.

love your stuff! so cute. love the message.


Oooh, congratties on your newest creative venture. :)

I am seriously going to have a difficult time deciding!

Allison K

Amy, I am so excited about your new store! Love, love your designs! My children have chosed their favorites already! Thank you!


this is BY FAR the coolest thing i've ever seen...!
...........even better than ali's & rhonna's & tia's...:)
{although i'm ordering from ALL ya'll...!}
congratulations, girlie...<3


I clicked the link through Jennifer McGuire's blog, and man, these designs are CUTE! I think my very favorite was the little boy "it's ok mom, I wash" LOL Very neat! Good luck with your venture.


I am so in love!! I want one of everything!


OMGOSH!!!!!!! Amy!!! You know how much I adore you right?? And now this?? WOW WOW WOW!! I cannot wait to find some free money because not only can I finally get those aprons but now all THIS stuff that I want one of everything!!!!!! WOW!! Your designs are fabulous but more importantly, your messages are PHENOMENAL!!! Any chance of mugs in those messages?

Melissa C

Congrats Amy - LOVE your designs (all the pink & green!). I will certainly be buying :)



these are fantastic Amy!


ohhhh how wonderful. i love the messages, amy. def gonna get some for kira.
they are beautiful. you did a good job!

Gillian Greding

Congratulations on your awesome new venture! What great designs, Amy. I just bought tons of your fonts today (I was feeling very "fonty")and popped over here to tell you how much I love what you do and voila... you're doing more of it! You rock. Best of luck!


Very cool, Amy!! Best wishes with your new business!!


I'm so happy to see design t-shirts for my little girl that convey positive messages rather than the ones I so often see that are all about sass and attitude! The only thing I would wish for is that you had girl/feminine styled t-shirts. My daughter just won't wear those boxy t-shirts. :( (I don't like to wear boxy t-shirts much, either.)

Thanks for creating these designs! :)

jennifer mcguire

I just ordered the little dude one. love it!

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